Rodent Exclusion, Control and Sanitation

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Our Goal: Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

Learn about our rodent exclusion services in the Orlando, FL area

Rodents can squeeze through small openings in your exterior. Rodent exclusion involves sealing these potential entry points by installing features like wire screens. The team at LydyBug Pest Control in Orlando, FL will go above and beyond to keep rodents out of your home or place of business.

Depending on your rodent control needs, we can...

Trap live rodents in your home or workplace
Monitor your property to see where rodents are getting in
Sanitize rodent nesting areas to prevent the spread of disease

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Pricing depends on our inspection results

We provide customized rodent exclusion solutions to clients in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. To give you an accurate quote and find out what kind of rodent control services you need, we'll first have to determine the extent of the infestation.

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