Pest Control

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Protect Your Home or Workplace From Insect Invaders

Our mosquito control specialists in Orlando, FL can help you reclaim your yard

Mosquitoes suck the fun out of summers in the Orlando, FL area, but LydyBug Pest Control offers effective mosquito control solutions. You won't have to drench yourself in bug spray to enjoy your yard.

We'll spray eco-friendly mosquito control products wherever those pests hang out. Pricing starts at $75 down and $25 per month.

Contact us today to rescue your yard from mosquitoes.

Don't share your bed with bugs

Bed bugs travel by stowing away in suitcases and in the folds of clothing. Before you know it, they can take over your home or hotel in the Orlando, FL area. We know how stubborn bed bugs can be, which is why we don't skimp on bed bug control products.

Contact us today for effective bed bug control services.

No pest is safe from us

We can eliminate all kinds of pest infestations at homes and workplaces in the Orlando, FL area. We can treat your property for...

Cockroaches, by cleaning out their hiding spaces
Fire ants, by applying a chemical barrier around your lawn
Indoor pests, by applying eco-friendly products at potential entry points

We don't charge hidden fees for our services. Request a free estimate today.